Episode 126

Growing up Latina with Joyce Rojas


Joyce Rojas has positively impacted thousands of people’s lives by shifting their relationship with money. She’s the national and international bestselling author of 31 Badass Money Mindset Affirmations, has been a top financial advisor at Fortune 500 companies, holds a Master’s in Business Administration, and recently opened her own investment firm. But what she’s most proud of, is the journey to these accomplishments.

As a daughter of immigrant parents, she never learned about investing and as a single mom, she struggled financially and wondered how she’d do this on her own. But it was in this process where she realized that wealth begins with mindset, and she successfully re-designed her life. She now combines her financial expertise with personal growth strategies to effectively teach others how to make, grow, and manage money without working so damn hard for it.


In this episode Luis and Joyce discuss:

-What is your Financial Thermostat?

-Rewiring your money mindset

-How surrounding yourself with great coaches will help you reach your financial goals

-You are defined by your value system – not by materialistic things.

-Sometimes the money doesn’t match the picture!


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