Episode 007

Don’t Break the Bank While Planning Your Wedding

In this episode, Luis talks to Paulina Clute. Paulina is the owner and lead planner of Paulina Clute Events, a boutique wedding and event planning company based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Growing up in New Orleans and then putting roots down in Las Vegas, Paulina believes celebrating all the things life has to offer is in her DNA. Since launching her company in 2014, Paulina has planned, coordinated and executed over 80 weddings and events. She is a member of the Las Vegas Chapter of The Wedding International  Professionals Association, has planned a wedding for the non-profit organization, Wish Upon a Wedding – Las Vegas Chapter, and continues her education and advancement through online resources as well as seminars and conferences. When not planning events, Paulina’s life revolves around her husband Mike and 6-month-old daughter, Camille.


In this episode, you’ll learn tips regarding the following:

  • How to break down your wedding budget
  • Money-saving tips while planning your wedding
  • How a wedding planner can help you save money and headaches on your special day
  • Things that you should definitely have in your wedding and things you can do without
  • What to do to ensure you get off on the right foot and not start your marriage in debt


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