Episode 094 

Finding Freedom with George Kinder 

George Kinder revolutionized financial advice for over 30 years by training over 3,000 professionals in 30 countries in the field of financial Life Planning. He founded the Kinder Institute of Life Planning in 2003 after 30 years as a practicing financial planner and tax advisor. His books and trainings are all about Freedom. In his new book, A Golden Civilization and The Map of Mindfulness (currently available on Amazon), Kinder draws on 50 years as a mindfulness practitioner, over 30 years as a mindfulness teacher, and his experience training financial advisors globally to challenge the basic concepts of economics, our understanding of democracy, of space-time, and our own hearts. His objective is to bring greater levels of Freedom everywhere. 

Kinder has received many prestigious awards, from being the first winner of the Financial Planning Association’s Heart of Financial Planning Award to “One of the 35 most influential people in financial services,” and “One of the top Icons & Innovators in the financial planning industry”. He’s a dynamic presenter, speaker, and is an artist at heart, from poetry, photography, and even singing. Some of you may know him as the father of the life planning movement! 


In this episode, Luis talks about the following and more: 

  • The importance of life planning on your way to achieving your dream
  • How everyone can experience life planning for themselves 
  • Achieving mindfulness in today’s world 
  • Advice on how to obtain inner peace and freedom