Episode 042

Leveling the Paying Field with Rick Gillis

In this episode, Luis speaks with Rick Gillis. Rick has been involved in the business of employment since 1997, when he was instrumental in introducing the first local employment website to the greater Houston, TX, market. Since that time, Rick has aggressively studied employment, advancement, promotion, and pay. With the publication (Summer 2021) of his sixth book, “Leveling the Paying Field, A Ground-Breaking Approach to Achieving Fair Pay”, Rick has taken on the resolution of the pay disparity issue from the viewpoint of the employee as well as the employer. Rick believes not only in Equal Pay for Equal Work but also in the Proper Pay for the Best Performance—an assertion that consciously eliminates discrimination of any kind from the discussion.

This far reaching discussion with Rick will touch on aspects of a worker’s commercial value, regardless of the position you hold, as well as how to achieve that promotion using your personal best achievements.


In this episode, you’ll learn about the following and more:

  • The difference of an employee’s market value vs. commercial value
  • Why your work does not speak for itself
  • How you can show your wins to your employer to demonstrate your commercial value
  • How you can think like an owner to better position yourself for proper pay for the best performance