In this episode, Luis talks to Walter Brown, a financial advisor at WestPac Wealth Partners based out of their Las Vegas office. He was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts, achieving success as a basketball player at an early age, and eventually securing a basketball scholarship to Boston University. His continued athletic success led him to a 13-year professional career, spanning three countries (France, Switzerland and Japan) and four teams. Living and working in culturally diverse countries allowed him to develop his ability to communicate effectively and connect with people from all walks of life. Walter brings this same level of passion and discipline into the relationships he builds with his financial planning clients in order to help them in their financial journeys.


In this episode, you’ll learn tips regarding the following:

  • The first thing you should look at when considering signing up for your employer’s retirement plan
  • The options you have available as far as your old 401K when you leave an employer
  • Roth IRA vs. Traditional IRA
  • Asset allocation based on your age and time frame
  • Avoiding becoming victim to company bias when investing in your employer’s plan
  • What a target date fund is and how they work 






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